Jersey Lomellina
1 December 2008

WONDER, a unique technology and comfort combo

Wonder belongs to a family of high-performance fabrics with exceptional hi-tech content. It has a dense, compact finish. It’s a cutting-edge, innovative fabric with a special construction that guarantees a UPF of 50+ against UVA and UVB rays. It also has the ability to release sweat rapidly (Moisture Management), thus drying more quickly and preventing the skin from cooling.
Its even surface has heat-regulating properties. It is vapour permeable, so allows the body to breathe normally even during the most demanding sports.
Fits perfectly to the body, provides excellent coverage and first-rate wearability. Does not constrain or obstruct, making movements easier. Its elasticity allows freedom of movements and maximum comfort, without losing its shape. It is completely easy-care.
The demand for new shades, to make Wonder applicable to an even wider range of sportswear, has led to the colour selection being extended to 42 colours.
This fabric meets the demand for high performances over time, while remaining fashionable, stylish and trendy.

Composition: 8o% Polyamide - 20% Elastane
Weight: 170 g/m²