Jersey Lomellina
21 January 2008

Vuelta: balance between thermal insulation and elasticity

A brushed, bielastic, hi-tech fabric, ideal for the toughest aerobic sports, when it’s essential to wear garments that guarantee the correct heat exchange between the body and the outside.
It is breathable and pilling and abrasion resistant. Its softness is particularly comfortable on the skin. An exclusive bacteriostatic treatment prevents the proliferation of the bacteria that cause unpleasant odours.
Its high elasticity allows the creation of garments that do not restrict the athlete or limit movements, dramatically improving aerodynamic performance.
Lightweight and comfortable, Vuelta has a second skin effect. It’s highly wearable, wonderfully soft and easy to maintain.
Its high thermal insulation and exceptional breathability allow the muscles to work in a warm, dry environment, thus preventing the occurrence of muscle problems.

- Composition: 85% Polyamide   15% Elastane   
- Weight: 250 g/m²