Jersey Lomellina
6 July 2013

A new world of colours for Carvico & Jersey Lomellina

For its 2015 collection, Carvico and Jersey Lomellina have decided to go the extra mile by completely revolutionizing their team of fashion designers in order to offer their customers some new bold and “innovative” atmospheres featured in their colours cards, which are rich in new stimuli, feelings and sensations organized in four “unexpected” moods.
SPLEEN FOREST: Instinct and delicacy

A mesmerizing  and extra rich Nature mixed with old-fashioned, nostalgic salons, remains of a long gone past. A very well defined contemporary identity which turns out to be morbid and sexy.  The ethereal, whispered frailty of the female body becomes agile and lively. Clouds of face powder and thousands of titanium plated  petals (décors, embroideries and printed patterns). Baccarat crystal chandeliers and curvaceous and elastic silhouettes (high performance fabrics). Soft, background melodies and dew covered flowers which dance to the wind (tactile textures). A carillon of literary visions shot with Instragram, flooded by waterfalls of flowers. Timeless atmospheres in an ever-changing performance with light but well defined nuances. The sequence in movements aimed at drawing a delicate and almost unperceivable pattern.
Colours are being observed through the lens of an old camera and show a sort of bloom or glow on their surface. Pale water-colours which become translucid, iridescent thanks to  their endless nuances. 
Pastel water-colours which look translucid, livid and are matched to bright flashes of light to mesmerize a silhouette which is only apparently fragile.

COSMIC CREATURES: Inspiration, individual, self consciousness
An amplified reality and a musical self-perception. A higher and deeper self-awareness which dares to go beyond gender and time.  An educated, evolved thought, coming from a flexible and authentic mind. Identity is just a fragmented and multifaceted concept splitting in many multitask devices, which redefines its unity in a new and peculiar shape. Continuously contaminated and ever-changing  such fluid and adaptable silhouette finds its shape thanks to simplicity and clean, pure lines and volumes. Collections are bound to rediscover basic, timeless classics. Products are meant to be unisex.  Structured plates, laser cut garments, rigid inserts and high performance, high-tech finishing processes shall be supported by an evanescent, adaptable base. Anthropic, cosmic uniforms looking ahead to a near future. A virtual and synthetic present.
Sober and solid colours with flashes of fresh and reassuring  light. An up-to-date design for buildings: art gallery, garage, happening, club, studio, all in one. Sheer essence and  a warmer and softer neutral aesthetic language. 
A flexible, elliptical minimalism, which is like lava hot liquid metal.
A fluid silhouette which is moulded by 3D shapes with pure, essential lines, which seem to have been drawn.

FUTURE OUTLANDS: inspiration, social collective experience and self made
In a futuristic urban territory, some self-made armours are ready to face dystopic events in the new middle-age of  3.0. human race.  Self-sufficient and independent such human being is animated by a primeval but true passion. Skilled builder of those things he needs the most, this new man uses recycled materials since he loves, respects and protects  nature. He is a global and curious animal who moves with a colourful armour. His look is folk, multi cultural vintage with an indie rock touch. He collects experiences and objects, he looks cool and relaxed, self-confident and interested in living a truly shared social experience. He is a strange mix  of pre-cooked meals, on the road travels, craftsmanship tradition and letters he still loves writing, he is keen to be eco in his lifestyle by driving an electric car, eating bio food and separating wastes : understatement is his key-word.
Warm, pulsing and dense colours, hybrid materials which are put together in unexpected marriages, abundance of decorations and embroideries, raw and matt yarns, “unfinished” cuts and materials which might look raw but are definitely not, especially technologically speaking.  
Warm and vibrant colours reinterpreted keeping in mind that understatement is the keyword; new bold, unexpected matches, which take you out of the fashion beaten track, to get to the rediscover authenticity.

Unexpected decorations and embroideries to dictate the basis of a new aesthetics which identifies with Bauhaus codes: functionality is the new beauty.
JY :PUNK: inspiration and digital punk fantasy
From the underground, alternative and subversive culture of techno punk to colourful 2.0 hip pop. Complicated tacky parodies among new social media and the cult genre. A brand new aesthetics which defines itself with surprising and bizarre looks. Such transformation involves also cosmetics since hair gets dyed with tie&dye multicolors shades and the make-up reminds of cartoons. Eccentricity as a challenge and the new transgression, with a strong cultural impact. A fantastic and creative parallel dimension becomes a shelter where refusal and criticism turn into random excesses and are the only acceptable rule. Codes created in the 90s are sublimated and reinterpreted in punk style.
Bright, synthetic colours with neon effects, digital vibrations which get faded and “pixelated”  to create an unexpected blur. A pretentious bad taste with redundant, rave music-like emphasis. Stretch and glossy materials,  multilayers printing effects, mesh.
Synthetic colours contaminated by ultra-light new words to create a sophisticated and high performance tacky  effect

Selfie pic and looks to put together surprising matches, a perfect balance between the 90’s bad taste and a Japanese influence.