Jersey Lomellina
6 July 2013

New nuances added to the Revolutional™ Family

On the occasion of Interfiliére 2013, Carvico has decided to revamp the colour cards of one of its best sellers belonging to the Revolutional® family. A real journey along which customers will be travelling across four  unusual moods (Spleen Forest, Cosmic Creature, Future Outlands and JY:Punk) whose protagonists are style, mystery, adventure and defiance. Pastel water colours (as if they were observed through the lenses of a vintage camera) are used to recall memories from the past and mixed with solid and intense nuances with fresh and reassuring false of light. There are also bright, synthetic colours, with trendy neon effects, for a mood which is kind of kitsch, where creativity and fantasy rule. An innovative colour card designed to appeal to fashion designers who have always loved the Revolutional® fabrics.
The real must have of Carvico collection, the Revolutional® family has generated a real devolution into the warp knitted fabrics market , becoming successful across sectors: competition swimwear,  active sportswear, shapewear and trendy beachwear. Bold and bright, the Revolutional® fabrics are unbeatable and they ensure the best performance ever: full screen from UV rays (UPF 50+), fast drying, pilling and abrasion resistance, exceptional breathability, sand resistance, perfect fit and  amazing muscular compression. With the exception of  Revolutional®Mild, all the members of this extraordinary family have been awarded the prestigious Xtra Life LYCRA® certificate, which confirms its resistance to chlorine, sun creams and  oils , and extreme duration over time.

More specifically:

Revolutional®, produced after  8 months of research and development, it was the first member of this family, the one who immediately appealed to International brands for swimwear and sportswear.

Revolutional®Energy and Revolutional®More are dedicated to real and very demanding sportspeople who look for both performance and comfort. Featuring extra stretch and excellent shape recovery power, these two fabrics by Carvico guarantee a high muscular support, enhancing the performance of athletes. Exceptionally chlorine resistant, Revolutional®Energy and Revolutional®More are also perfect for  activewear and competition swimwear, and are reliable even after many hours spent into pool water.

Revolutional®Shiro is the white polyester fabric of this family. Ultra matt, it is perfect for transfer printing since its exclusive recipe enhances the brightness of all printed colours, and enables it to maintain its stretch even after printing. Revolutional® Shiro is also ideal for the creation of white inserts matching the other members of the same family.

Revolutional®Gloss, featuring an innovative glossy,  “wet-looking” effect, it is the trendiest fabric in the family suitable for beachwear and sportswear since it draws the attention of those looking at it with its silky and extremely resistant surface.

Revolutional®Mild is the lightest fabric of the family. Soft, delicate and ultra-light it is ideal for doubled, trendy  beachwear and stylish underwear.

Revolutional®Slim is Carvico S.p.A. beauty fabric: a precious ally for all women whose silhouette is modeled day by day. Its secret lies in the innovative fiber it is made of: Nurel. The micro-capsules incorporated into the fiber are rich in active principles such as caffeine, retinol, aloe vera and Vitamin E  which despite being extremely delicate on the skin, are also effective against fat and cellulites. The extraordinary results achieved through the use of Revolutional®Slim have been confirmed by means of several tests conducted and certified by Bio Basic Europe – Milan, a prestigious dermatological and cosmetic lab.

Come and discover the colourful world of Revolutional® at our stand at Interfiliére!