Jersey Lomellina
1 September 2012

Acqua and Fuoco: fabrics allies of great performance

A more sustainable FUTURE is a top priority for Carvico.
Native Americans said: “we have not inherited our planet from our fathers. We have borrowed it from our children”.
Thanks to the LCC (Life Cycle Control) project, Carvico renews his commitment to support and
defend the environment by launching a new line of highly sustainable techno-fabrics for sportswear.
Such fabrics have been manufactured by using a recycled polyamide yarn derived from
materials which have got to the end of their life cycle and which would be otherwise destined to
the landfill, such as fishing nets, rigid voile and carpet fluff.
Acqua and Fuoco by Carvico S.p.A. can ensure unprecedented techno-performance.
The exclusive cutting-edge technology the recycled polyamide – HOLLOW POLYAMIDE -
is produced with, has allowed us to produce fabrics which are:
The most evident feature of recycled hollow polyamide fibre fabrics is their lightness.
Fabrics made with this innovative fibre ensure optimal coverage without a see-through effect.
The special structure of the hollow polyamide fibre ensures natural breathability that
allows evaporation of excess moisture, with the benefit of exceptional comfort for the
wearer, even during extreme physical exercise. Furthermore, air trapped inside the hollow
fibre ensures optimal thermal insulation, keeping body temperature constant without
compromising the garment’s breathability.
For these reasons, the fabric optimizes the body’s natural thermoregulation, providing
greater well-being and reducing energy waste during competitions and regular sport
The fibre’s hollow structure partially reflects sun rays.
This way the fabric acts like a solar radiation filter with a protection factor comparable to
the best sun creams on the market.
Acqua by Carvico S.p.A. boasts the LYCRA® Sport certificate which guarantees how such fabric
can ensure amazing sport performances and satisfy the needs of the most demanding athletes.
A highly stretch fabric, featuring excellent recovery power, which can ensure comfort, perfect fit,
and the highest muscle compression.
Breathable and insulating, pilling and abrasions resistant, it is also highly UV protective (UPF
Fuoco By Carvico S.p.A. is lighter and soft and is the perfect fabric for the creation of elegant and
high performance swimwear and beachwear, to make your holidays even more unforgettable! It
is also fast-drying and highly UV protective (UPF 50+).