Jersey Lomellina
12 February 2008

Carvico, the enterprise betting on the future

Established in 1962 Carvico has become a referring point in the unsnaggable fabric production. The factory is an example for those willing to match a constant quality research with the highest skills in technological development. Carvico is always ahead of its time, lead by a young and skilled staff caring for raw materials. The team is enthusiast to represent a solid reality as the group keeps on standing out as a leader in the beachwear, sportswear and outwear sectors.
Carvico can nowadays address the whole sporting panorama and, as athletes do, prove its nature of determinate and combatant fighter looking toward the new market’s challenges.
Perfect lines and highly performant clothes are possible thanks to the proper mix between technological innovation and style research. Carvico fabric offers perfect and unique results in design and style without forgetting the latest trend. Its products are overall first quality goods tuned in with current trend and anticipating the next trends.
Carvico enterprise is proud to have a pivot point in the Development &Research sector, which allows the acquisition of new technologies and of up to ate plants in order to generate extremely groundbreaking fabric.
Carvico keeps an eye on the quality/price rate in order to be very competitive on foreign market: about 75% of the sales proceeds comes from the export to Asia, Us, Europe and India. The enterprise helps itself on the foreign scenery through two hubs: one in Hong Kong, one in Australia. Thanks to a perfect logistic, any order will be delivered in five working days.

High quality material and quick deliveries: that’s “made in Carvico”. Innovation, efficiency and modernity, always respecting the environment. That’s the enterprise philosophy, passing as well through the building of purification plants and the updating of the exhaust emission. Carvico took charge of an environment friendly policy through the concept of a sustainable development. This policy goes through a caring and far-sighted commitment which takes into account social and ecological goals beside the economical ones. Since 2002 the company has improved its environmental impact:

• -15 % methane gas consumption
• -10% electric power consumption
• -30% water consumption

Therefore, Carvico proves that fabric production means as well to think to the well-being through the quality of the production process.