Jersey Lomellina
1 September 2012

Revolutional™ Grace: when opposites attract...

For the Eurobike 2014, Carvico is bound to reconfirm the extraordinary success and market response of the most glamorous fabric of the Revolutional® family: Grace.
Like all other Revolutional® fabrics, Grace is thin, light, stretch, breathable, chlorine and sand resistant, comfortable and high performance and boasts excellent cover and UV protection factors; today, techno performance meet the softest kind of elegance.
A high quality fabric, with an extra touch of grace, beauty and refinement it features a silky handfeel, soft and delicate, Revolutional® Grace can ensure you even more comfort and a really pleasant feeling on the skin along with high performance.
Ultra-fine and ultra-light, the new fabric by Carvico offers full cover, exceptional stretch, anti-pilling properties and maximum breathability; it also guarantees a longer shelf life and excellent shape retention power.
Garments made with Revolutional® Grace are comfortable, ideal for sport and beachwear, perfect for those people who love feeling at ease under any circumstances.
Revolutional® Grace enriches the 2014 collection with a new ADV which enhances the fabric various and complementary characteristics.
Softness and techno-performance perfectly blend in this exceptional fabric and are represented by the dreamlike / fairy tale image of two female bodies. One more athletic and slender like a cat, the other one romantic an delicate. One dark (in this case in the exclusive Carvico blue shade), the other one completely white. One ready to “leap”, the other lying down.
Opposites which share a knowing look symbolizing their perfect match.
The same that happens with Revolutional® Grace.