Jersey Lomellina
23 November 2011

Revolutional Grace®: technology soft side

The tenth edition of the “Mare di Moda” exhibition, to be held in November in Cannes, is going to provide the perfect set for several premières by Carvico S.p.A. among which, an absolute novelty, the amazing Revolutional® Grace.
Over the past years we have been working with the view of showing you all the pluses of the big and prestigious Revolutional® family – including many thin, light, covering, stretch, high performance, breathable fabrics which are also chlorine proof and highly UV protective – but this year we have added one more unprecedented feature: softness.
Revolutional® Grace
, is indeed, a high-end techno fabric with an extra touch of grace, beauty and style.
It is even more comfortable and pleasant at touch and guarantees excellent technical performances.
All garments made with Revolutional® Grace are comfortable, ideal for sportswear and swimwear, perfect for those who like feeling at ease in any situation.

Revolutional Grace®: the soft evolution of techno-fabrics.

Composition: 73% Micro Polyamide – 27% Elastane
Weight 150 g/m²