Jersey Lomellina
7 July 2011

Revolutional Family: strenght, team spirit, sweetness and color

Quoting old western movies dating back to the 60s, the Revolutional® family of techno-fabrics might be nicknamed: “the Magnificent Seven”. There we go, seven amazing, extraordinary fabrics that can ensure you exceptional performances:  Revolutional®, Revolutional® Gloss, Revolutional® Energy, Revolutional® More, Revolutional® Shiro, Revolutional® Mild and the brand new Revolutional® Slim.
This team of champions has been successful, since the very beginning of its history, in several, different fields: from active to competition swimwear, from trendy beachwear to shapewear.
Totally unmistakable thanks to their “raw” effect, these fabrics have immediately acquired a strong, specific identity due to the “crispiness” of their surface, their strength, the energy they can supply when you touch them.
All fabrics belonging to this family are highly UV protective (UPF 50+), fast drying, pilling and abrasion resistant, breathable and moisture wicking, sand-proof, perfectly fitting, and can offer the best muscular compression.

With the exception of Revolutional® Mild they have been awarded the Xtra Life LYCRA® certificate, that testifies they are highly chlorine proof, sun cream and oil resistant and make your garments last longer.


Revolutional® is the family “ancestor” that has triggered a true revolution in the world of warp knit fabrics.
Developed over a period of 8 months of continuous research, it has immediately appealed to customers and found its own place both in swimwear and sportswear international collections.

Revolutional® Energy & Revolutional® More have been designed for athletes, for those who live their life in the name of sport or simply love training everyday to keep fit and healthy.
Both these fabrics have been awarded the prestigious LYCRA® Sport certificate, they are extremely stretch, they offer perfect fit and an efficient shaping and slimming action and support muscles improving sport performance. In addition to this, they are chlorine proof thanks to the Xtra Life LYCRA®, and therefore ideal for the production of sports garments and ultra-reliable swimwear.

Revolutional® Shiro is made of white polyester, it is modern and trendy, features an ultra-mat look and can be transfer printed. Its innovative composition ensures excellent performance and makes it extraordinarily glossy in every shade. Moreover its stretch is not affected by the printing process. Nevertheless, it is also perfect in its pure white version, which is ideal to be used for inserts to be matched with the other members of the Revolutional® family.

Revolutional® Gloss was named after a special treatment that can give the fabric and unprecedented “wet and glossy” look! 
It is the most fashionable fabric in the family, and it holds a special appeal since it gives and extra charm to all nuances thanks to its silky but extremely resistant surface.

Revolutional® Mild is soft, delicate, light and amazingly beautiful; it looks gorgeous when doubled and therefore is ideal for elegant and trendy swimwear. It is the lightest fabric in the family and is perfect for young, funky lingerie.

And last but not least, Revolutional® Slim, a fully innovative product that deserves its own, dedicated section ( see press release ).

What we have been telling you is the story of such an extraordinary family, of seven leaders in terms of technical content, style, quality and uniqueness that have managed to surprise us since the very beginning and have reached far beyond the limits of all other fabrics currently on the market.