Jersey Lomellina
1 September 2010

VUELTA FOR "MARATONA DLES DOLOMITES" (Eurobike - Interbike 2010)

<<If you can, keep looking at the finish line; true victory is what you can see in silence, slowly and from the seat of your bicycle!>> With these words, Michil Costa kicked off the 24th edition of the most famous and thrilling European long-distance cycling race, the Maratona Dles Dolomites!
An exciting race in the charming setting of the Dolomites, a scene of incomparable beauty which, on 4 July, had 9,271 athletes from 42 countries around the world challenging the climbs and descents of the most beautiful alpine passes.
Carvico contributed to the event’s success as the official sponsor, offering thousands of cycling enthusiasts a special waistcoat that is highly appreciated by athletes. We are referring to a precious ally for all three routes, designed with the innovative techno-fabric Vuelta by Carvico.
Two-way stretch with a soft brushing, Vuelta is perfect for the most demanding aerobic sports when it is essential to wear garments that wick and provide optimal freedom of movement.

Choosing clothing in Vuelta by Carvico gives exceptional advantages:
• perfect fit, extraordinary stretch and shape retention certified by the innovative LYCRA® Sport programme
light, soft, comfortable texture
thermal protection: the soft brushing creates thermal insulation that helps maintain a constant body temperature and avoids the need to expend energy to keep the body warm. This means better performance for the athlete.
• excellent breathability: the body always stays fresh and dry
resistance to pilling and abrasions: durability over time is guaranteed
bacteriostatic treatment: reduces and controls the formation of bacteria which cause unpleasant odours
• guaranteed 100% Made in Italy
The company name was honoured in the event by Laura Colnaghi Calissoni, President of the Carvico group, who achieved excellent results, placing 2nd in the category for the 55 km track, with 6th place overall, and Giorgio Cavallini, area manager of Carvico, who completed the 106 km route, taking 119th place in the category.

“Watchwords: ecology and zero impact”.
The Maratona, which takes place in the shadow of the Dolomites in a natural setting named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, <<is the first “carbon neutrality” recognised athletic competition – says organiser Michil Costa – able to almost totally compensate for the emissions produced by its activity>>.
Choosing Carvico fabrics means CONSCIOUS DRESSING: high quality and technical excellence with low environmental impact and no compromises. A winning philosophy that has always guided the Italian company and that sees respect for the environment as an essential goal.
Carvico, Vuelta and the Maratona, together the best expression of sport.