Jersey Lomellina
7 July 2011

Revolutional Slim: the perfect ally for the swimsuit season challenge

Revolutional® Slim the new beauty treatment by Carvico SpA.
Fully invisible even underneath the most tight-fitting clothes, Revolutional® Slim is every woman’s perfect partner since it shapes your body without affecting your daily routine thanks to its slimming and smoothing effect that contrasts water retention and works as a beauty elixir; simple and efficient it is bound to become the real “ must-have” of next summer!
Its secret lies in the innovative fibre it is made with: incorporated microcapsules, rich in caffeine, retinol, fatty acids, aloe and Vitamin E, actively but delicately contrast water retention and cellulitis, an illness 90% of women suffer from.
At work as well as on the beach, Revolutional® Slim is the indisputable evidence that slimming can be easy and smooth.
Previously awarded the famous LYCRA® Beauty by Invista for Shapewear, this fabric has successfully passed all rigorous tests foreseen by the innovative LYCRA® Beauty for Shaping Swimwear program. Revolutional® Slim stands for comfort, perfect fit, and excellent shape retention over time.
Extremely light, ultra-fine, breathable and moisture wicking, it doesn’t make you feel constrained and offers you the maximum freedom of movement.

Say STOP to miracle creams and heavy, constraining clothes.
WELCOME Revolutional® Slim.

All the extraordinary results achieved by Revolutional® Slim have been widely confirmed by rigorous clinica  tests  concerning its safety and efficiency. Certificates issued by Bio Basic Europe - Milan.