Jersey Lomellina
7 July 2011

Siviglia: as clear as water, as strong as sea

Featuring a sensuous “peek-a-boo” effect, Siviglia is the perfect choice for those who won’t compromise on sex-appeal even when strolling on the beach because it is at the same time high-performance, as light as a feather and as soft as silk. Such brand new, impalpable fabric by Carvico is now available in a wider range of colors: 50 fresh shades  matching the 144 Malaga nuances for classic “marriages” or trendy, shocking ones, ideal  for a unique and sophisticated style.
Perfectly blending cutting-edge technology and elegance, Siviglia feels like a soft caress on your skin. Created to match all other products by Carvico, Siviglia is ultra-light and, thanks to its elastic memory, it doesn’t curl, doesn’t lose its shape and doesn’t snag, thus keeping all its features throughout the whole manufacturing process of the garments.
Siviglia is extremely versatile and therefore suitable for beachwear, lingerie and perfect to be used as a lining.