Jersey Lomellina
7 July 2011

Atlanta Plus: you will love it, you will love yourself!

Technologically advanced and rigorously Made in Italy,Atlanta Plus has been developed and designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding athletes and the most sophisticated women: from extreme sports to the most sensuous femininity.
Featuring high stretch and excellent shape retention power, it ensures maximum comfort and freedom of movement. With a substantial weight (225 g/m2) and a high shaping power, Atlanta Plus offers both perfect fit and a correct muscle compression aimed at reducing lactic acid for a faster recovery and better physical conditions; all fundamental elements needed for improving the performance of the most health conscious sportsmen.
Atlanta Plus has been awarded the prestigious Xtra Life LYCRA® certificate which stands for a high  resistance to chlorine, sun creams, oils and sweat along with the best shape retention over time.  
Atlanta Plus is a high quality, techno fabric, it is ideal for the creation of garments aimed at resisting to continuous abrasion and intense sport activity which are both breathable, moisture wicking, and pilling and UV ( UPF 50+ ) protective. 
Amazingly fresh, soft at touch and therefore perfect for shapewear, Atlanta Plus was designed for underwear items that need to shape the silhouette,  make you look slimmer and sleeker while ensuring really high performance. 
Atlanta Plus has passed all the rigorous tests foreseen by the innovative LYCRA® Beauty program by Invista.
Say stop to shapewear that makes you feel constricted and give the green light to Atlanta plus, for the right mix of comfort and shaping power!