Jersey Lomellina
7 July 2011

2013 colour card: ever-changing, always charming

Rebecca Moses has signed Carvico SpA 2013 color card. The famous American designer has already collaborated with our company and now makes her comeback with a study on colors, the way they are perceived and disclosed in their deepest meanings.
Color evolves, transforms and takes on a new life.
2013 sees the introduction of 27 new shades, which means that Carvico color card can now boast a total of 144 colors, always available in stock.

A brilliant illustrator, Rebecca has created for Carvico eight storyboards. Each storyboard tells a different story and the 2013 color card visually represents all of them. In Carvico colorful universe all color series interact creating new, unexpected “marriages” that give strong emotions. 

White has always been a real winner both in sportswear and beachwear, since women feel glamorous, charming and sexy in white, especially in summer when their skin is suntanned. White is empowering and at the same time it conveys a deep sense of purity. There are several, different shades in white, there are reds in white, there are blues in white … This enables us to create unusual, amazing matches that make white more graphic or more romantic. 

Colors in this mood look innocent and pure but may turn into sexy when matched with more saturated shades. Starting from the “white rocks” whites, we added just an ounce of red or blue to obtain this ultra-feminine palette, featuring a surprising mother-of-pearl hue that helps creating a delicate lingerie effect for a ready-to-wear intimate that women will love to have in their own private collections.

Not all fabrics will look good in neon shades, but Carvico’s do.
We are talking about timeless colors that have always played a fundamental role in fashion and have now become more elegant, glamorous and stylish than in the past.
What we have done here in Carvico, is matching them with more sophisticated colors such as olive green, purple, grey and navy blue to create innovative, trendy intimate apparel, utterly different from the “Age of Innocence” one, for a funky and young lingerie.

Such tones are the new, contemporary version of the so called “bright shades” and they are more saturated, intense and vivid. They are powerful and change according to the light they are put under, taking on a new life each time up to the point where you wonder whether the one you are looking at is fuchsia, purple, carmine red … but then, why should we label each and every color instead of simply enjoying their amazing beauty?! 
Therefore, as well as new darks are the natural evolution of black, electrics are a modern interpretation of old “bright shades”..

This mood was conceived as a tribute to the amazing world of lipsticks and nail polish, a real temptation for women, Rebecca included. Indeed, while creating it, she experimented, tested, tried on and played with all kinds of make-up.
The ultimate result? Several awesome reds: coral, fuchsia, pomegranate ... and they can all be matched with all other colors in the color card to create perfect marriages! It is an exciting palette, a real thrill for your eyes and for your heart.

Carvico more traditional colors, such as light blues and blues, have always been a real classic in swimwear / beachwear and they therefore needed to be put together in a unique and important mood. This year they have anyway been turned into something more refined and sophisticated thanks to a translucid effect that reacts to every little change in light.
Light blue evolves into bluette, sea green, jade … the colors of the sea on a splendid, sunny day.

What we have here is a really sexy palette; many women love wearing such colors, especially in summer against suntanned skin. But all these nuances look divine even on lighter and more delicate complexions and on red heads.
All colors in this mood are rich and vivid and remind of the world of nature and of military uniforms: we have olive greens in here, teals, ocher, terracotta….

Black has ruled the fashion world for so long now that we thought it was about time we gave it new life, a new vibe, a sort of hidden Energy. But how could we do it? This is how the “almost” palette was born: are they almost blue? Almost grey? Almost green? Almost brown?
Their secret is their inner charm, their being mesmerizing and ambiguous, their ability to “mirror” the shades they are matched with giving life to new, exciting nuances.
This is supposed to be the most important mood of all, the most innovative one in Carvico color card since it gives us the possibility to re-invent what black has been over the past 20 years for fashion and style.

What makes the 2013 Carvico color card unique and unforgettable is the possibility to mix and match colors, to overlap and put together all the 144 shades it contains, giving each of them a new life, a new dimension.