Jersey Lomellina


19 October 2009
TECHNOLOGY + PASSION + QUALITY - Intertextile 2009 (Shanghai)

A successful brand since 1977, Jersey Lomellina SpA is known internationally for the manufacture of elasticized circular knitted fabrics with a high technological content.

19 October 2009
FOLIE and GLAMOUR: it’s seduction time - Intertextile 2009 (Shanghai)

Light is the true star when we talk about Folie: precious and dazzling, with bright, glossy reflections. In fact it becomes a multifaceted mirror with infinite subtle multicoloured reflections.

19 October 2009
ECOLORS and ECOLINE. The "Ecofabrics" by Jersey Lomellina - Intertextile 2009 (Shanghai)

As part of the Green Vision that for years has guided the company towards a serious ethical commitment to the environment, Jersey Lomellina has developed a series of fabrics that marry the best of this production philosophy.

19 October 2009
JL ADVANCED: for a sport performed with style, comfort and technicality - Intertextile 2009 (Shanghai)

We want fabric to be number one and Jersey Lomellina knows how!

19 October 2009
The pleasure of feeling unique with Carvico’s Revolutional™ family - Intertextile 2009 (Shanghai)

The Revolutional® family of techno-fabrics by Carvico is still growing, and is ready to amaze the warp-knits industry with its latest offspring, Revolutional® Mild: high performing, with more than its share of aesthetic appeal, it is ideal for using doubl

19 October 2009
REVOLUTIONAL®...change your attitude - Intertextile 2009 (Shanghai)

This year Carvico remains loyal to the Revolutional® Family presenting the 155 g/m² version, in black colour, with coldblack® Sun Reflector - UV Protector finishing.

19 October 2009
CARVICO, The Pleasure of Challenge - Intertextile 2009 (Shanghai)

In business since 1962, Carvico SpA is a world leader in the manufacture of warp-knitted stretch fabrics for beachwear, sportswear and outerwear, and is a benchmark in the international textile industry for quality, modernity and innovation.

19 October 2009
IGLOO: for athletes who demand an always brilliant white - Intertextile 2009 (Shanghai)

The latest result of the extraordinary, on-going research in Carvico’s laboratories is Igloo: the new techno fabric in super opaque white polyester.

19 October 2009
DARWIN: water is my world! - Intertextile 2009 (Shanghai)

It is the fabric created for water sports, including the more extreme ones: from surfing to wake boarding and obviously for swimming competitions, Darwin is the perfect companion for the most audacious sports which ask that the garments are resistant and

25 September 2009
WONDER, nothing more! - Interbike 2009 (Las Vegas)

Wonder by Jersey Lomellina is an eclectic and versatile fabric that fulfils many different needs, soft, comfortable, compact and opaque also ensuring total protection from UVA and UVB rays (UPF 50 +).

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