Jersey Lomellina
27 November 2009

SIVIGLIA: light versatility - Mare di Moda 2009 (Cannes)

It is as light as a feather, soft as silk and offers exceptional performance: Siviglia is the first lining produced by Carvico.

Created to combine its technical aspects with those of other Carvico products, Siviglia is an extremely light fabric with an elastic memory that means it does not gather, does not retract and does not unravel, keeping all its characteristics during garment manufacture.

Available in 27 colours, it can easily be matched or coordinated with the over 100 colours of Malaga and Morea. With a rainbow of deep, intense, at times fluorescent shades, Siviglia gives the imagination free range to create unique, refined combinations.

Once again, Carvico has given life to a versatile fabric, optimal for beachwear and underwear.