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13 July 2012
July 12th, 1962: an historical date for Carvico, a big party for everyone!

A big party indeed: shows, entertainment activities and much more for tho days of big joy, dedicated to the celebration of a really special event, the 50th anniversary of the foundation of “Tessitura Carvico” at the hands of Giuseppe Colnaghi. 1962: it’s the year of the first Beatles’ [...]

24 February 2012
Jersey Lomellina puts its signature onto garments made with its fabrics, certifying their quality

For the first time ever, the brand new hangtags by Jersey Lomellina are matched to the garments on sale to the large public in order to “certify” the reliability of “Made in Italy” fabrics. Carvico (Bg), February 24, 2012 – Jersey Lomellina faces the challenge set by the market [...]

20 February 2012
The importance of being JL

They are unique, they are a guarantee and they are online: please meet the “JL Fabrics” hangtags. JL different styles are represented through four concepts, each of them identified by a color and a name, which refer back to the fabric family they belong to: Avantgarde concept Cutting-edge [...]

24 January 2012
1962-2012: Carvico celebrates 50 years in business

2012 marks a milestone for Carvico: its 50th anniversary.  The company “Tessitura e Tintoria di Carvico” was indeed set up on 12 July 1962 by Giuseppe Colnaghi. “50 years in business are always a great achievement”, as Laura Colnaghi Calissoni, Chairwoman and CEO points [...]

16 January 2012
Jersey Lomellina's Black Soul

“A new generation of fabrics is bound to dress your true essence: intriguing, provoking, unexpected and elegant. JL Avantgarde, JL brand new black soul will soon be available for you”. This is the core message of JL new campaign, mysterious and spellbinding as its “black soul”, [...]

10 January 2012
A Journey with Rebecca Moses across Carvico 2013 Color Card

“Color is a powerful tool that can arouse intense feelings, especially when you combine different tones”. This is, in short, the philosophy of color of Rebecca Moses, the American artist and fashion designer who has been collaborating with Carvico to reinvent the 2013 Malaga & Morea [...]

12 December 2011
Aquafil and Carvico announce the “XLAnce Fibre Italia” new joint venture.

Aquafil, Europe’s market-leading and second worldwide player in the production of Nylon 6 for textile flooring, and Carvico, leading manufacturer of warp-knitted stretch fabrics, today announced the new XLAnce Fibre Italia Joint Venture. Following its creation, XLAnce Fibre Italia has completed [...]

5 December 2011
Carvico’ s environmental management system is certified UNI EN ISO 14001:2004

The certificate N. IT241400 issued at the beginning of November, reads: “The Management system belonging to the organization has been assessed and deemed compliant with the requirements set by the law, with reference to the following: research and development of new fabrics, knitting, dyeing and finishing [...]

1 November 2011
Thanks to Carvico S.p.A.,Porta Nuova “Sugar Pot” is going to be restored to its original splendor.

The press conference held today, 13 September 2011, officially marked the start of the restoration works concerning two landmarks in the city of Bergamo: Porta Nuova Fountain, sponsored by Carvico S.p.A. and the monument dedicated to Fratelli Calvi located in front of Palazzo Frizzoni, sponsored by Lovato [...]

20 September 2011
80 times Jersey Lomellina!

An exclusive collaboration among five of the biggest players in the textile market was created with the view of presenting a brand new fabric, definitely one of its kind, an extraordinary mix of technology, research, innovation, commitment, passion and excellent quality.  Jersey Lomellina, Santoni, [...]

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