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25 July 2013
A passion for sport: Carvico and Jersey Lomellina attend the most important international exhibitions dedicated to sportswear and outerwear!

Carvico and Jersey Lomellina sport season has just started!Thanks to their dynamic sales network, they are going to attend five of the most important international exhibitions dedicated to the universe of sportswear and outerwear.On such occasions they will take the chance to present the latest news [...]

24 July 2013
Laura Colnaghi Calissoni reaches the top of Monte Bianco!

Sunday 21 July 2013, h 6,54: the President of Carvico Group reaches the top of the highest mountain in Italy. 4810 mt of sheer emotion and breath taking beauty! Here she is, looking happy and not so tired, satisfied for the target achieved.  

22 July 2013
Memories from an amazing day!

Alta Val Badia, June 30 2013, 5.45 a.m. - Maratona Dles Dolomites Enel, 2013 edition. Claudio (Caninis) has invited us to watch the start of the most stunning Grandfondo competiton ever. We have obviously accepted his invitation and, after getting up at 4.30 a.m., we have finally arrived at the starting [...]

8 July 2013
Interfiliere Paris 6/7/8 July 2013: the sun was shining on Paris and on Carvico and Jersey Lomellina!

The 2013 Interfiliere exhibition –held in Paris- was officially a success for both Carvico and Jersey Lomellina: +24% of visitors against the results of 2012. A really interesting achievement for the two companies based in the Bergamo district, which this year presented several, brand new products. One [...]

1 July 2013
Carvico S.p.A. & the 2013 27th Maratona dles Dolomites: Our heart, Your passion!

“I can say that the Maratona stands for true harmony – you are in perfect harmony, we are in perfect harmony and we share such harmony with the environment” said  Michil Costa at the end of the 27th edition of the most challenging European Granfondo competition: the Maratona dles [...]

30 June 2013
Carvico S.p.A. & the 2013 27th Maratona dles Dolomites: Our heart, Your passion!

The Maratona Dles Dolomites, of the most famous European gran fondo competitions, takes place on June 30th in the breathtaking landscape of the Dolomites mountains. Carvico S.p.A. is for the fourth year running the marathon Golden Sponsor and is proud to announce that once again it is going to team [...]

12 March 2013
Young - It's time for a luxury experience!

Jersey Lomellina offers its customers an absolute preview of its brand new tecno-fabric: Young. We all know that our physical appearance inevitably changes over time and our skin is particularly sensitive to the aggressive action of pollution, sunrays, stress and hormones.   “When we are 30 our skin [...]

14 February 2013
Vuelta by Carvico SpA partners up with the “Team Italia” at the Masters World Cup 2013 held in Asiago

Carvico S.p.A. “sport season” starts with the Masters World Cup 2013, which is held in Asiago from February 14th to February 22nd. The textile company located in the district of Bergamo, has designed a special sweatshirt/uniform (see picture) to be worn by the whole TEAM ITALIA. One thousand [...]

5 December 2012
Carvico and Jersey Lomellina certified as WHP ( Workplace Health Promotion ) program members

On December 5 2012 the second local WHP (Workplace Health Promotion) summit was held at the Kilometro Rosso Science and Technology Park  with the participation of 34 businesses, including Carvico and Jersey Lomellina. These latter, after over one year of constant commitment to the project, have [...]

6 November 2012
Jersey Lomellina S.p.A. attend once again the Mare di Moda exhibition in Cannes

Jersey Lomellina S.p.A. is going to take part on 6,7 and 8 November 2012, at the eleventh edition of the Mare di Moda International Fashion Salon, held at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes: the most important event dedicated to beachwear and underwear fabrics and accessories. We are talking about a real [...]

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