Jersey Lomellina
26 April 2010

Carvico introduces Sequoia: the new techno fabric for mindfully dressing

“In nature, nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed” (A.  Lavoisier) Carvico S.p.A. has brilliantly met the eco-textile industry’s latest challenge with Sequoia, a brand new warp-knitted fabric made with Nurel Reco nylon, the recycled polyamide yarn which comes from industrial waste that is completely reconverted and transformed into new raw materials. This recycling process dramatically reduces the consumption of raw materials, decreases non-renewable energy dependence, significantly reduces CO2 emissions and waste materials. Here’s what Carvico means about sustainable quality: an intelligent fabric that combines the company’s eco-sensitive philosophy with cutting-edge technological research.
In fact, Sequoia respects the environment without doing away with quality and technical performance.
The fabric’s high levels of quality and performance are an obligatory guarantee to ensure Sequoia’s reliability and versatility of use – from sportswear to swimwear.   Sequoia: another step forward in Carvico’s “Green Vision”, a Made in Italy choice developed in the wake of sustainability and corporate responsibility, where technicality and quality are still the protagonists.