Jersey Lomellina
5 December 2017

Carvico President, Mrs Laura Colnaghi Calissoni, steps onto the podium at “LA SGAMBEDA” in Livigno

The 28th edition of one of the classic Italian cross-country skiing competitions took place on December 2 and the President of Carvico Group won the over50 race.

700 skiers, coming from 25 different countries, gathered in Livigno (SO) to compete in the long distance “Visma Ski Classics” granfondo, along a 35km circuit starting and ending at the Nordic Ski Center livignasco, and comprising the breathtaking landscapes of Alpe Vago, the steep and challenging ascents of Teola and the difficult path that took the athletes near the house of former cross country champion Marianna Longa, who won a silver and a bronze medal at the World Championship.
The perfect weather conditions (sunny with temperatures just under -10 degrees), the quality of the snow, the amazing circuit and the impressive locations all contributed to Laura Colnaghi Calisson’s victory.
Just for the records, the main competition was won by Norwegian athletes: Andreas Nygaard and Britta Johansson Norgren.
Luca Moretti, President of Livigno APT, is satisfied with the amazing success achieved by the competition and with the fact that his town has been awarded a prize as the best winter location in Italy and as the third best in Europe: "Everything went extremely well, thanks to the sun, the ideal temperatures of this winter, and especially to the amazing level of the participants, both the professionals and the amateurs. All the athletes were happy and satisfied, and the high quality of the Visma Ski Classics circuit, as it was designed, attracted several amateurs, as in the early days of our “Sgambeda. Our target for the future is to try and remain in the Ski Classics circuit and to make sportspeople perceive "La Sgambeda" as the culmination of a path starting on October 15 with the first training sessions ".