Jersey Lomellina
13 September 2017

The new Carvico and Jersey Lomellina advertising campaign designed by the famous photographer Settimio Benedusi

Eco-friendliness is the focus of the new advertising campaign designed by the company headquartered in the district of Bergamo in partnership with one of the big names of fashion photography: Settimio Benedusi.

Carvico and Jersey Lomellina have selected an iconic image to embody their commitment towards sustainability. The business latest advertising campaign focusing on beauty and on an harmonious rapport with nature, revolves around a precious shot by one of the most well-known Italian photographers: Settimio Benedusi, who has been described by his colleague and friend Oliviero Toscani as follows “intelligence, sensitivity, energy, generosity, his own vision of the world, concreteness, likeability. These are the main qualities of whichever author wishing to use photography to communicate. And Settimio Benedusi has it all”.
Born in 1962 in Imperia and brought up in Milan, where he still lives and works, Benedusi is a famous fashion photographer, the only Italian who has co-operated with the iconic magazine  Sport Illustrated for over 7 years in a row.
Thanks to his humanistic studies and his passion for writing, in 2003 he set up his own, very successful blog matching the one run by the Corriere della Sera website, named “Photobackstage”. He also teaches photography a the European Institute of Design, he is a member of the Board of the TAU Visual National Association of Prefessional Photographers and an honorary member of the  AFIP (National Association of Professional Photographers) which, always in 2013 sponsored his famous Lectio Magistralis entitled "How to become a great photographer without being one " at the Triennale of Milan.
His childhood, spent in Imperia, deeply influenced his career and, indeed, the sea and water in general are two of the main themes of his production.
The shot (from a project dated 2013) used by the two textile companies to represent their environmental responsibility and green spirit, tells about a love story between a woman and the one of the most important natural elements: water.
A perfect blend of shapes and shades. Sensuality and soft curves are emphasized in a classy and elegant way. “I decided to associate water with a woman’s body – explained Benedusi. The idea was to create a dream-like space around this female creature, in a sort of a sensual embrace with water although the focus is not the woman herself, but, in a more abstract way, her body in relation to water..” (itw taken from “Fotografare”, February 2013)
And Carvico has decided to select this image portraying the perfect union between a human being and nature to represent the challenge Carvico and Jersey Lomellina are facing in their attempt to create a greener future for swimwear, sportswear and underwear.