Jersey Lomellina
31 August 2016


CARVICO, world leader in the development and production of latest-generation non-run stretch fabrics, presents at EUROBIKE  a preview of the results of the exclusive field wear-test realized in collaboration with INVISTA -   owner of the LYCRA® brand -   and dedicated to the launch of VITA fabric with LYCRA® SPORT certification in the technical sports clothing for the cycling sector.
And an exceptional product demands an exceptional ambassador. Filippo Pozzato, one of the most famous faces in Italian and international cycling - former winner of the Milan-San Remo race, bronze medallist in a recent Italian National Championship - agreed to test in person the prototype garments made using Carvico's bestselling fabric, which boasts LYCRA® SPORT certification, during his training sessions.
•    three months of intensive training
•    a range of climatic challenges: rain, wind, sun and sultry weather
•    daily washing and drying at high temperature

After three months of intense athletic activity, garments made using Carvico's VITA fabric with LYCRA® SPORT certification that combines high compression power with extraordinary comfort, looked like new and offered all their original shape retention qualities and compression strength.     
““I was already familiar with Carvico's high-tech fabrics and the performance offered by LYCRA® fibre, but trying out VITA was a fantastic discovery - total comfort and all-round muscle support. It's a fabric that offers just the right level of compression and helps you improve your performance.”. I'm always on the lookout for something new, and that's why I've decided to personally  test the new  VITA  fabric..  I  know  CARVICO  and  the  LYCRA® SPORT brand and two important companies like these can only be a guarantee of quality and innovation”. Filippo Pozzato

A choice in line with Filippo’s personality and his willingness and courage to always experiment in the world of cycling. The same values shared by his team Wilier Triestina – Southeast, which has launched many new faces in the world of professional cycling. A commitment that brought the team led by Angelo Citracca to win two editions of the Italian Cycling Cup in a row.

An innovative, high-performance product, VITA fabric has been awarded with the special  LYCRA® SPORT certification,  a hallmark of quality that can only  be  displayed  by  fabrics  scientifically engineered to deliver exceptional comfort, fit and support for active-wear garments.   VITA with LYCRA® SPORT provides an outstanding compression performance and stretch flexibility. Its ability to contain muscle movement means it can help  athletes  limit  the  amount  of  energy  they waste, leading to improved performance.
In the words of Carvico Group CEO Stefano Eretti, "Only by exposing our fabrics to real-life fatigue, sweat and wear and tear - all part of a competitor's everyday experience - can we develop truly effective, high-performance solutions. We're honoured and pleased that such a high-calibre sportsperson as Filippo Pozzato has chosen to work with us. This kind of confirmation only goes to show that together with our long-standing partner the LYCRA® brand, we are working in the right direction to introduce cutting edge materials".
And finally, Edy Figini, Head of Marketing for INVISTA Italy, adds, “Once again we're working side-by-side with Carvico in a significant new project we have great belief in. Our LYCRA® SPORT brand has been developed with the aim of offering all the innovation and hi-tech value possible to a segment with such specific requirements - active sport. Vita and Filippo Pozzato are the perfect embodiment of the passion for challenges that is such a fundamental aspect of our activities".
The collaboration between Filippo Pozzato, Carvico and the LYCRA® brand, together with the results achieved by the VITA fabric with LYCRA® SPORT certification, will be presented for the first time during Eurobike, one of the most important date in the bike business. The Fair takes place from the 31st of August to the 4th of September 2016 in Friedrichshafen. (CARVICO BOOTH HALL A7-314)