Jersey Lomellina
29 June 2016

“Carvico and Jersey Lomellina haute couture collection” at Pitti Filati 79 

Pitti Filati – held in Florence from June 29 to July 1 – is the International appointment for the spinning industry not to be missed, since all new trends about fashion and lifestyle start from here. We are talking about a veritable R&D lab gathering all the best of the sector on a global scale.
The ideal stage for two stars like Carvico and Jersey Lomellina – global leaders in the production of high quality stretch warp knitted and circular knitted fabrics – which have chosen Pitti Filati to première their third fashion collection named “Carvico e Jersey Lomellina haute couture collection”.

A new challenge for a selection of fabrics which are commonly used for the swimwear, sportswear and underwear markets but have proven to be also suitable for the creation of versatile, functional and elegant garments, especially when they are reinterpreted by the expert hands and minds of two top-of-the-range designers such as Angelo Figus and Maurizio Brocchetto. 

Figus is not only the current art director of the Trend and color forecast for PittiFilati, but also one of the most important International creative designers of our time, dealing with brands, companies and institutions. He can boast several partnerships with major companies in the automotive, food, fashion and luxury industries. 
Brocchetto is instead a surface designer with 20 year of experience in textile research and product development who has co-operated with major players in the textile and demin industries and the biggest names of the Made-in-Italy. 
Together they have transformed the crown jewels in Carvico and JL portfolio to create a collection made of refined, bold and easy-to-wear garments. 

They have been working for months to co-ordinate and design the “Carvico and Jersey Lomellina haute couture collection” – culminating in the display of all garments which will take place at Première Vision in Paris next September  - to convey a coherent and extensive vision of the products which have been revisited to suit some unprecedented applications for both the circular and the warp knitted fabrics; such vision is expected to set some new trends concerning the use of techno-garments in high-end day wear and easy formal collections.

This partnership with Carvico and Jersey Lomellina  is absolutely entitled to join the new “STUDIO/zero”: the transversal consultancy which will be launched by the aforementioned designers at Pitti Filati 79, with the aim to get, through the use of fabrics, to the definition of new textile surfaces to be applied to very different products devoted to various applications.  
The consultancy mission is therefore to enhance and revisit the most basic products  to extend their possible scope much farther than originally expected.

The stand dedicated to such project is meant to evoke the season themes by means of  24 outfits, among which those made with Carvico and Jersey Lomellina fabrics will be the real must-have, which were designed to offer some unique, high performance alternatives to the current definitions of contemporary urban and formal style .

The project is then bound to be developed and completed before the unmissable appointment of Première Vision Paris, next September.