Jersey Lomellina
20 May 2016


Carvico S.p.A. and Jersey Lomellina SpA, for the second year in a row, have set up a partnership with Bike Up. For over 50 years the two companies, based in the district of Bergamo, have been producing last generation stretch fabrics for sportswear, leisurewear and swimwear.Proud of their Italian origin, Carvico and Jersey Lomellina, operate on the global market, standing out for the amazing quality of their  100% Made in ltaly products.
Fabrics by Carvico and Jersey Lomellina are designed and developed to satisfy the requests of even the most demanding customers and final users. 
These companies’ main target is offering the market cutting-edge, high-tech products ensuring the best performances ever: correct muscular compression, resistance to pilling and abrasions, protection from UVs, breathability, high shape retention power  even after many washes, and, last but not least, safety. Thus, all fabrics by Carvico and Jersey Lomellina come with the prestigious Oeko Tex certification, giving evidence of the fact that they don’t release any harmful substances on the skin.  
Our products stem from a thorough and consistent R&D process on which we invest relevant resources every year. In 2010, thanks to the companies’ foresight and ability in anticipating trends, a new R&D Department was set up.  Permanent research and total dedication to quality: these are the key words beyond our success.
However, Carvico and Jersey Lomellina wanted more. Green Vision is the name the companies have chosen for the project embodying their commitment towards nature and our environment.
Ours was a well-though decision, made following our belief in the role that companies, regardless of the market they operate in, can play in spreading the culture of sustainability. This is the only way we have to protect and preserve our planet to leave a better world to the following generations” (Laura Colnaghi Calissoni, President of the Carvico Group)
Our consistent search for innovative, highly sustainable products has led to the production of high-quality products made of 100% recycled materials which, at the end of their useful life, are saved from the landfill and regenerated to create a brand new yarn.Thus, the decision made by the companies to support the Healthy Seas project. We are talking about a joint venture between a NGO and two businesses with a common mission:  join forces to fight pollution and clean our seas water, removing the extremely dangerous discarded fishing nets which cause the death of countless creatures.  
But this is not all! The aim of this initiative is to promote both environmental and financial sustainability. According to this principle, once fishing nets are recovered they are not sent to the landfill, but they are recycled and through a re generation process they are turned into a new raw material - ECONYL® - to be used for the production of  sportswear and swimwear fabrics.Check our website ( for more information about VITA by Carvico and JL Renew by Jersey Lomellina, two of the best-selling items in our collection, produced following the aforesaid process . 
Love and respect our world by wearing sustainable garments and looking for products with a low environmental impact.