Jersey Lomellina
27 May 2015


The skiing season of the Alpi Centrali “cross country ski” team, including some of the best junior athletes born from 1995 and 1998 and the “top 20” born in Lombardy from 99-2000 e 2000-2001 qualifying for the national championship, has recently come to an end. We are talking about a team of young champions who have chosen to wear, throughout the season, some special outfits “sponsored” by Carvico, made with high performance techno-fabrics, ensuring both comfort and perfect fit. Carvico and Alpi Centrali share the same passion  for sport and, more specifically, for “cross-country skiing”, and have contributed to help these young champions achieve the podium positions in some of the most prestigious international competitions. Please find here below a list of the medalists who have chosen to wear garments  by  Carvico:

Italian U18-U20 Championships
Sprint Tc_Sappada: 1° Armellini Mattia U18M
Sprint Tc_Sappada: 3^ Bellini Martina U18F
10km Tp_Sappada: 2° Armellini Mattia U18M
5km Tp_Sappada: 3^ Carrara Elisa U20F
10km Tp_Sappada: 3° Andreola Matteo U20M

Staff.Sprint_Gromo: 2° Romani-Andreola U20M
5km Tc_Gromo: 3^ Bellini Martina U18F
10km Tc_Gromo: 2° Romani Simone U20M

10km MS_Anterselva: 1° Armellini Mattia U18M
7.5km MS_Anterselva: 2^ Bellini Martina U18F
20km MS_Anterselva: 2° Romani Simone U20M
Staff.3x5km_Anterselva: 3° Bellini-Compagnoni-Carrara
Staff.4x7.5km_Anterselva: 2° Speroni-Romani-Andreola-Andreola

Italian U16 Championship
Gymkana Sprint_Sappada: 1^ Palazzi Virginia F
Gymkana Sprint_Sappada: 2^ Antonioli Alice F
Gymkana Sprint_Sappada: 2° Comensoli Davide M
Staff.3x4km_Forni Avoltri: 3° Maj-Antonioli-Palazzi F
Staff.3x5km_Forni Avoltri: 3° Comensoli-Sosio-Buttironi M

Italian  U14 Championship
4km Tc_Pragelato: 2^ Rossi Anna F
5km Tc_Pragelato: 2° Gaglia Andrea M
Staff.4x3.3km Mix_Pragelato: 1° Armellini-Ramoni-Rossi-Gaglia
Staff.3x3.3km Mix_Pragelato_ 3° Castelli-Galbiati-Silvestri-Cusini

In addition to the aforementioned Italian Championship medals which were awarded to the members of the Alpi Centrali team, Armellini, Milesi, Romani also won some legs of the Coppa Italia while Armellini-Castelli won the U18 relay competition in Gromo for a total amount of seven more victories. We also shall not forget the impressive 45 victories which confirmed the “AC Team” as the charts leader with a total score of 11539 ( the Trentino team has accrued a total of  8288 and the  Veneto one a total of 7293 ).

Our compliments go to the Alpi Centrali Team but also to Carvico S.p.A. President, Mrs Laura Colnaghi Calissoni, who not only chose to sponsor  a “winning team” but is herself a real champion, having been awarded four medals at the Cross-country skiing World Championship held in  Syktyvkar (Russia): three gold medals, medium and long distance competitions, 15 km and 30 km skating, and  10 km classic technique, plus a silver medal in the classic technique relay competition.

So, congratulations and good luck to everybody for the next season!