Jersey Lomellina
15 January 2015


Jersey Lomellina S.p.A., a company which has always paid special attention to new trends and market evolutions, could not help adding to its portfolio some new families of bonded fabrics designed for the creation of innovative, elegant, comfortable and high-performance fashion collections
Innovation, Performance and Style… these are the key words when referring to the new offer by Jersey Lomellina.
The business is prèmiering three different fabrics.
Urban: soft, comfortable, compact and stretch, this fabric is not only extremely glamourous but also high performance thanks to the bonding technique used to produce it which allows us to use the same fabric on both sides. Urban is available one a two-colour version, for a trendy look. 
Capital: its soft and pleasant-to-wear hand feel and its being ultra-thin make it ideal for the creation of comfortable but structured garments, such as the stylish and trendy voluminous skirts and dresses we have seen on the latest catwalks.
Metropol is instead ideal for garments which can be classified in between sportswear and the most glam fashion. It is soft  but  “crispy” and extremely thin. Its exclusive windproof  membrane makes it suitable for the creation of high-tech, high-performance garments.
Capital and Metropol are available in exciting and trendy ton-sur-ton versions.