Jersey Lomellina
15 January 2015


Carvico S.p.A., in response to the current market demand, is launching a new family of unique and incomparable fabrics, boasting the perfect mix of style, quality and technological content. 
State of the Art, Technology, Supremacy…these are the key words when referring to the new offer by Carvico which comprises four brand new types of fabrics.
Cortina and Everest: soft, warm and comfortable – thanks to an exclusive brushing treatment - on one side and water repellent on the other, these fabrics a extremely high-tech.
But that’s not all! Indeed the addition of a cutting-edge windproof membrane also guarantees an excellent resistance to wind. Such an array of techno-features and their outstanding performance are meant to turn Cortina and Everest into the real stars of the activewear and outdoor markets, really soon.
Dubai and Tokyo: two more bonded fabrics, featuring the same item on both sides, which were designed to put together glamour and extraordinary shaping properties to create reliable and extremely effective shaping garments. Ensuring excellent muscular support and protection, they are ideal for sportswear apparel and competition outfits, while their soft hand feel and comfort makes them perfect for contemporary ready-to-wear collections.