Jersey Lomellina
25 March 2014

Carvico and Jersey Lomellina go for a better future

Carvico and Jersey Lomellina have always paid a special attention to sustainability, enforcing company policies aimed at reducing the environmental impact of their activities.  Both companies share a common “socially responsible” vision, focused on a deep respect for both human beings and our environment and aim at safeguarding the health of local communities and of the global eco system by means of really sustainable projects. Carvico and Jersey Lomellina are committed to doing all of the following:
- Producing  eco-friendly, sustainable fabrics, by using recycled raw materials such as fishing nets, post- industrial and post- consumer materials and other fibers which, having got to the end of their useful life, are  regenerated and re-fed to the production process;
Optimizing and rationalize Energy consumption, by enhancing production processes so to be able to monitor and cut down on wastes;
Producing power by means of a cutting-edge cogeneration plant, employed to reduce Energy consumption by using methane gas, the cleanest of all combustibles;
- Enforcing a policy aimed at reducing pollutants contained into emissions by optimizing the fumes treatment plant. A new system was installed, which, by recovering the heat generated  from production, reduces both the pollutants and the temperature of the fumes, achieving values which are far below the  thresholds set by the law. 
The companies also purchased an “electric” car  to concretely contribute to the reduction of pollution. As a follow up to the aforesaid “green” choices, Carvico and Jersey Lomellina have chosen to support  the Evbility  project concerning the installation of a an EV charging station in the city of Carvico (Bg). The purpose of such project is to increase citizens awareness about the opportunities offered by the use of electrical engines  which both companies believe to be bound to lead to dramatic changes in terms of reduction of environmental and sound pollution. The global target of the companies is therefore to act responsibly in order to grant a better future to the next generations.