Jersey Lomellina
24 February 2012

Jersey Lomellina puts its signature onto garments made with its fabrics, certifying their quality

For the first time ever, the brand new hangtags by Jersey Lomellina are matched to the garments on sale to the large public in order to “certify” the reliability of “Made in Italy” fabrics. Carvico (Bg), February 24, 2012Jersey Lomellina faces the challenge set by the market and creates hangtags to be matched with the garments created with its fabrics, with the view to publicly certify their quality and reaffirm the value of its expertise, deriving from years and years of relentless research, and of a winning business style, rigorously “made in Italy”. A leader in the production of circular knit, cutting-edge, comfortable and refined  fabrics, Jersey Lomellina has decided to put its own hangtags on several garments destined to the retail market, testifying its role as producer, certifying the garments quality,  and promoting a business style and philosophy that have always been based on professionalism, commitment and reliability. This is our company’s concrete and prompt response to the demands of an international clientele, the precious achievement of a business that is proud of having the chance of “certifying” its own products and the value of a brand whose solid reputation is well known all over the world.  Our purpose is to offer our final customers further, detailed information on the products traceability,  a concept which has become absolutely fundamental today even when it comes to the fashion industry. Jersey Lomellina’s mission has always been offering the market high quality and sustainable fabrics, manufactured by means of verified production processes, coherent with their green philosophy, which can ensure our customers wellness and comfort, style and elegance. “The decision to launch such hangtags comes from a specific strategy and policy aimed at better positioning our brand – says Lorenzo Locatelli Jersey Lomellina Sales Director – we are aware that, being part of the chain, we shall reassure consumers about the quality of our products, their performances and reliability and their being respectful of our environment”. A clear commitment, based on an ethical code shared with the rest of the group, which has contributed to making Jersey Lomellina the ideal partner for all underwear, sportswear and active-wear producers.