Jersey Lomellina
16 January 2012

Jersey Lomellina's Black Soul

“A new generation of fabrics is bound to dress your true essence: intriguing, provoking, unexpected and elegant. JL Avantgarde, JL brand new black soul will soon be available for you”. This is the core message of JL new campaign, mysterious and spellbinding as its “black soul”, created for the launch of some innovative, impalpable, seductive, soft, ultra-fine, solid and non see-through fabrics, ideal for the creation of garments which are at the same time comfortable and simply irresistible.
Five market leaders have come together for this absolute novelty: Jersey Lomellina, Santoni, Grotz-Becker, Invista and Fulgar.
An important collaboration that has already been warmly welcome by the market after the project absolute première that took place last September at ITMA (Barcelona, 22 - 29 Sept. 2011 ).
JL’s name has been, for over 35 years now, a synonym of innovation and technology, quality and reliability. Continuous research, a thorough market analysis, a deep attention to customers’ needs and requirements, the selection of serious and competent partners, have been the key to the success of this young and dynamic company.
The new JL Avantgarde fabrics, soft and silky, are the “apotheosis” of femininity: intimate garments and lingerie are going to gain a totally new allure.
And by wearing them, you will be a real star! JL Avantgarde: Jersey Lomellina new soul, different just to please you.