Jersey Lomellina
20 September 2011

80 times Jersey Lomellina!

An exclusive collaboration among five of the biggest players in the textile market was created with the view of presenting a brand new fabric, definitely one of its kind, an extraordinary mix of technology, research, innovation, commitment, passion and excellent quality.  Jersey Lomellina, Santoni, Groz-Beckert, Fulgar and LYCRA® are the pioneers who started off a revolution in terms of technologies and style. An innovative and daring approach to business and a strict collaboration have allowed us to study, design, test and manufacture a jersey fabric with unique and extraordinary features (temporarily trademarked as  “JJ38/11”).Several decades of experience, cutting-edge technologies and the prestige of the aforesaid five market leaders have originated a real change in the world of jersey fabrics.
Indeed, JJ38/11 is the first fabric with a 80 gauge, and it can therefore ensure unprecedented lightness, softness and pleasure. Its excellent cover and 200% bi-directional stretch  add an extra value to JL latest creation. Easy care, shape retention, pilling resistance, fast drying and excellent cover are the technical features that make this fabric so “ extraordinary” : it keeps your skin fresh and dry all day long and is absolutely amazing to the touch. Santoni “Atlas” warp knitting loom, thanks to its patented,  innovative, knitting system and the employment of the Groz-Beckert technology, is one of the “secrets” of JJ38/11 success; in addition to featuring a tighter and more compact knit compared to the traditional one, such exclusive system also significantly helps reducing the occurrence of the so called “spirality” that so often affects the quality of jersey fabrics, and has always been one of the greatest issues for manufacturers since it may lead to final products showing some flaws, such as a shift in the side seams.  
JJ38/11 is really innovative also in the materials it is made of:  the 66 polyamide  by Fulgar and the Xtra Fine collection by LYCRA®. JJ38/11 is the perfect fabric for the creation of underwear and lingerie items, perfectly fitting and absolutely comfortable, refined and intriguing, elegant and sensual that will make women feel sexy and at ease under any circumstances. A dream comes true thanks to  Jersey Lomellina and a great team work,  all Made in Italy.