Jersey Lomellina
4 October 2010


A technical fabric unique in its kind, Piuma is the symbol for excellence of extreme lightness (only 80g/m2) by Jersey Lomellina! Excellent cover, despite its fineness, and 200% two-way stretch make Piuma a fabric as special as it is exclusive. It is inimitable and highly intriguing, a rare combination of purity, simplicity, elegance and high technology. The exceptional elasticity peculiar to Piuma means it can be used to create a single garment that endows a size 44 with the same femininity and sex-appeal as a size 38, not to mention the comfort, easy care and shape retention! As light as a feather, Piuma is extremely fine and soft to the touch, lets the skin breathe so that it stays naturally soft and fresh, but is never see-through. High pilling resistance, quick drying and the LYCRA® Xtra Fine Collection Fiber certificate complete the extraordinary technical features, making it a fabric never before found on the market and ideal for the creation of elegant, sophisticated and provocative lingerie. And with an eye always on the future, to capture the delicate changes in women’s lifestyles, JL laboratories are already at work on the evolution of Piuma: “Piuma Light”, even lighter, even more intriguing, even more sensual…. like the JL woman!