Jersey Lomellina
14 February 2013

Vuelta by Carvico SpA partners up with the “Team Italia” at the Masters World Cup 2013 held in Asiago

Carvico S.p.A. “sport season” starts with the Masters World Cup 2013, which is held in Asiago from February 14th to February 22nd. The textile company located in the district of Bergamo, has designed a special sweatshirt/uniform (see picture) to be worn by the whole TEAM ITALIA.
One thousand one hundred sixty-three athletes, from 25 different countries such as Australia, Canada, USA, Russia, Islanda, Iran etc., 300 of whom Italians, have enrolled on the kermesse, which lasts ten days in a row with an average of 20 competitions per day.
A unique and unrepeatable event Mrs Laura Colnaghi Calissoni, President of Carvico Group, 10-time World Champion in the Master category and 4-time National Champion, has decided to sponsor and  to take part into.
“Carvico SpA shares some of its fundamental values with the world of sport: passion, sacrifice, commitment and persistence. Love for sport is in our DNA: we manufacture cutting-edge fabrics designed to satisfy the needs of both professionals and amateurs competing at any levels, but at the very same time we team up with them, putting into play our commitment and strong will”.
The sweatshirt/uniform which will be worn by the whole TEAM ITALIA in this edition of the competition, was created using Vuelta, the techno-fabric by Carvico.
Carvico’s evergreen Vuelta is a last generation, bi-elastic fabric, featuring a soft brushing which ensures excellent thermal protection: keeping the body temperature steady, it helps reducing energy consumption and ENHANCING performance.

Vuelta by Carvico technical features:
-    light, soft and comfortable for the best possible aerodynamic performance;
-    excellent breathability to keep your body fresh and dry;
-    Lycra® Sport certification, which stands for perfect fit and shape retention power even after having been used many times;
-    pilling and abrasions resistant;
-    bacteriostatic treatment which prevents bacteria from spreading and causing bad smell

Enjoy all the excitement of the Masters World Cup 2013 with Carvico!