Jersey Lomellina
5 December 2012

Carvico and Jersey Lomellina certified as WHP ( Workplace Health Promotion ) program members

On December 5 2012 the second local WHP (Workplace Health Promotion) summit was held at the
Kilometro Rosso Science and Technology Park  with the participation of 34 businesses, including Carvico and Jersey Lomellina.
These latter, after over one year of constant commitment to the project, have been certified as “Workplace Health Promoters”.
The project and the event have been launched and actively promoted by Bergamo Healthcare Association (ASL), Confindustria and the District Authorities with the aim to spread workplace health and safety CULTURE.
Schopenhauer used to say “Health is not everything but nothing makes sense without it”. It is not a general “social advertising” since it foresees 6 concrete proposals which businesses have committed to turn into reality  within 3 years. Activities include the promotion of healthy and correct eating habits, the fight against smoking and alcohol,  road safety campaigns and sustainable transportation, personal and social welfare activities. Carvico and Jersey Lomellina over the past year have been focusing on fighting smoking and spreading healthy eating habits. First they have increased their employees awareness concerning possible damages caused by smoking by organizing, in cooperation with the local Healthcare authorities, a 9-hour course dedicated to heavy smokers, attended by 31 workers.
Unfortunately they have not all achieved their goal and some have given in before the end of the course,  however more than half of participants  have definitely given up smoking.  An exciting achievement!
The companies second campaign has been directed to promoting healthy eating habits by using banners, booklets and posters which have been hung all around the companies’ canteen. Such materials not only explained what good eating habits are but also provided a colourful matching code aimed at teaching people how to properly organize their meals by putting together the right types of food and ingredients. In addition to this, some really nice and personalized table mats have been provided to the employees  along with a comic book for their children.
This latter was particularly successful both during the presentation given on Dec 5 and over the following days when it was distributed to all participants. All businesses taking part in the project will receive a copy of the comic book which tells the story of a guy named Piero, working for Carvico and Jersey Lomellina, who, after having been informed about such good practices realizes to be too overweight, as well as his family,  and to have underestimated the problems which  derive from this. He therefore decides to face the problem and to follow the companies’ advice and consequently achieves the first, relevant results.
Why a comic book? Because Carvico and Jersey Lomellina have decided to involve kids as well as adults transforming their presentation in a “useful gift” to be given to their employees’ children on Dec 13 by “ Santa Lucia”.
Eating well means feeling healthy and being healthy and living better…. and if you can learn this lesson as a child, you will have less problems as an adult.
The local companies in the district of Bergamo have become an example, on an international scale, with regard to the promotion of health and safety on the workplace. And other 15 companies have started the journey which will lead them to be certified.
Carvico and Jersey Lomellina shall announce the themes chosen for next year in the following weeks.