Jersey Lomellina
13 July 2012

July 12th, 1962: an historical date for Carvico, a big party for everyone!

A big party indeed: shows, entertainment activities and much more for tho days of big joy, dedicated to the celebration of a really special event, the 50th anniversary of the foundation of “Tessitura Carvico” at the hands of Giuseppe Colnaghi. 1962: it’s the year of the first Beatles’ album (“Please Please Me”) but also of the first movie of the successful series dedicated to Agent 007, James Bond. It’s also the year of the first American in outer space and of the first communication satellite Telstar. On July 12th of that same year, the founder of Tessitura Carvico started what, within 50 years, became one of the most important stories of industrial success in the textile field in Italy. The emotion is tangible: from who stood by the the founder during those moments to those who just entered the company, everybody lives this achievement with true enthusiasm and it’s exactly this sharing the biggest legacy of a major industrial group which has big roots in the visionary and resolute commitment of a man and his team. The people, the stories, the episodes and the events that marked those 50 years are collected into a celebratory volume entitled “Carvico 1962 - 2012. Fabrics in history”: a fascinating journey in which the distinctive features which brought the Carvico group here and that will lead it towards more and more ambitious challenges and goals, emerge.