Jersey Lomellina
10 January 2012

A Journey with Rebecca Moses across Carvico 2013 Color Card

“Color is a powerful tool that can arouse intense feelings, especially when you combine different tones”. This is, in short, the philosophy of color of Rebecca Moses, the American artist and fashion designer who has been collaborating with Carvico to reinvent the 2013 Malaga & Morea color cards, adding to the color fastness of these two classic fabrics that have been known and appreciated by customers all over the world, the innovative versatility of countless color matches. Focusing on today’s women, their character and silhouette and what they want to express through such a glamorous and feminine garment as the swimsuit, Rebecca Moses has created eight amazing storyboards, representing different concepts of color that might easily be combined to give life to new, unexpected, magic synergies. Translucid, saturated and eclectic, Carvico 2013 nuances stem from a reinterpretation of color: new polyedric and original shades are brought to life, revealing ever-changing nuances, in perpetual evolution. Colors, in Rebecca Moses’s own words, are continuously redefined by the intensity of light, which transforms their shades : so white crosses over to pink or yellow without losing its essence and its power to capture shapes. These storyboards also deny the dichotomy between “bright” and “soft”, thanks to tones which show both features, thus ensuring an electric, intense and faceted effect , with innocent, naive tones that once put together become sexy and provoking. Nuances break the rules and abandon the standard category of colors: darks move to almost colours: black melts with blue and gray, giving life to changeful results which are at the same time dynamic, vigorous and intensely feminine. Colors presented in these eight storyboards were the starting point for the creation of an innovative and exciting instrument: the 2013 Colour Game. Thanks to it you can get an immediate perception of the aforesaid color synergies by putting the different shades proposed by Rebecca Moses one next to the other. The different cards the Color game is made of, can be turned and moved, so to created exclusive matches, which will set the future trends for beachwear, swimwear and sportswear. The Colour Game is an exclusive object, created in a limited number of copies, which was presented at Interfiliere in Paris and then successfully displayed at Mare di Moda. All the boards in the Colour Game have been created to make you live both a visual and tactile experience aimed at taking you into the wanderful world of colors created by Rebecca Moses, who could redefine our standard concept of color by suggesting new bold and vibrant matches, each of them absolutely unique in their peculiar essence, to be enjoyed with both your eyes and soul. Too many words have already been written; let’s now allow Rebecca Moses herself to take you by the hand and guide you across her colorful universe to discover together Carvico nuances for Malaga & Morea: