Jersey Lomellina
5 December 2011

Carvico’ s environmental management system is certified UNI EN ISO 14001:2004

The certificate N. IT241400 issued at the beginning of November, reads: “The Management system belonging to the organization has been assessed and deemed compliant with the requirements set by the law, with reference to the following: research and development of new fabrics, knitting, dyeing and finishing processes for the nobilitation of warp knit fabrics for sportswear, underwear, swimwear and corsetry” Having set off on a long journey aimed at drastically reducing its ecological footprints, Carvico considered the achievement of such certificate to be a logical choice, a necessary step to be taken with the view to making sure they are moving in the right direction.   Plan, Do, Check, Act: the four key words of a method that doesn’t leave anything to chance, according to which everything is to be checked and measured, so that wastes are reduced whereas efficiency is increased for the benefit of production and the environment. The aforesaid certificate therefore brings about a fundamental value, since it not only confirms the results that have already been achieved by Carvico, but helps in providing guidelines for the pursuit of    their future target which involves the control and optimization of the production cycle throughout its useful life ( that is what the LCC acronym stands for ). Such objective mirrors Carvico and Jersey Lomellina common intention to be at the forefront in defending the future of mankind and the environment.