Jersey Lomellina
2 October 2011

Carvico S.p.A. sponsors MsterRunning Desert Team and wins the Sahara Race 2011

Carvico was this year proud sponsor of the Misterrunning desert team, that took part, from October 2 to October 8, in the Sahara Race, one of the most extreme competitions in the world: a 250km self-supported footrace through the brutally hot Egyptian desert, one of the scariest places on Earth. The participants were met with harsh climate conditions, temperatures up to 50 C° and nothing but sand, stones and 120m-high-desert dunes. Self-supported means, for those who might not be aware of it, having to face five 30-40 km stages, plus one of 80-100 km, living and running by relying only on the content of a rucksack, weighting from a minimum of 7 to maximum of 10 kg, you are provided with at the start of the race. Every year, athletes coming from the five continents challenge each other in this amazing competition ( this edition saw the participation of over 30 different countries ) and, overall, defy that extremely dangerous part of the Sahara desert called “The Valley of the Whales” – so called for the fossils dating back to 40 million years ago that scatter the desert floor –until the finish line located next to the Giza Pyramids. Carvico S.p.A. sponsored the young and well trained Italian team called the “Mister running desert team”, that won the race!
It was an amazing team, made of four talented athletes that won the race and crossed the finish line holding hands. Paolo Barghini (the team captain who had already won the race in 2009), Roberto Lambardi, Enrique Montanari and Michele Bernini crossed the finish line almost one hour before the team that came second – the Canadian one – after 250 km characterized by sweat, persistency, pain, emotions and several coups-de-théâtre. By the way, the Sahara Race is not only one of the major footraces in the world, but also an important charity event.
All the money collected, after the amounts devoted to covering the expenses related to the participation to the race itself, will be  given to AMREF, with the aim to improving the health and sanitary conditions of the locals and promoting education so that health and safety are granted to everybody as one of the basic human rights. Sport, nature, passion and brotherhood were the key words of the event and Carvico is proud of having taken part in it with its extra contribution of expertise and quality, all rigorously Made in Italy.   Congratulations “Mister running desert team”!