Jersey Lomellina
1 November 2011

Thanks to Carvico S.p.A.,Porta Nuova “Sugar Pot” is going to be restored to its original splendor.

The press conference held today, 13 September 2011, officially marked the start of the restoration works concerning two landmarks in the city of Bergamo: Porta Nuova Fountain, sponsored by Carvico S.p.A. and the monument dedicated to Fratelli Calvi located in front of Palazzo Frizzoni, sponsored by Lovato Electric S.p.A. a company from Gorle.
90 extra working days after which, thanks to the addition of the project named “ Requalifying Bergamo”, the restoration works promoted by the local administration through the Mark Com. Company, will have reached the considerable number of 36 ( soon to become 37 with the restoration of the “Fontana della Cisterna” in the Upper Town).
We were glad and proud to accept such challenge – stated Laura Colnaghi Calissoni, Carvico SpA Chairperson and C.E.O.having the chance of bringing one piece of the history of Bergamo to its original splendor is a real honor. Next year we will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of our company and this is our way to show our commitment and willingness to requalify the local territory
that has been hosting our headquarters."
“I am particularly grateful to these two companies - claimed Franco Tentorio, the major of the city
of Bergamo
- since, in such a difficult moment, it is fundamental to find some businesses that are
willing to invest and to help the City Council, showing their love for our city and its artistic heritage. I
was moved by their generosity since it mirrors the great heart of the local citizens and their wish to
preserve the city landmarks.”
Affectionately called the “Sugar pot”, the fountain located in Porta Nuova will go through a complete
makeover: its bottom and the whole plumbing system are going to be completely restored.
Works are supposed to finish by mid-December. A nice Christmas present from the city to its