Jersey Lomellina
12 September 2011

A concrete action to say thank you to our city!

13 September 2011: green light for the restoration works concerning the Fontana di Porta Nuova, affectionately called by the local citizens the “Sugar Bowl”.
Carvico SpA, after having been shown the project, was glad to accept this new commitment, aimed at requalifying the local territory, which hosts the company’s headquarters.
What a excellent way to anticipate next year’s celebrations for the 50th anniversary of our company!
“We believe art is imagination, passion, emotions, and such feelings, emotions and passion are eternal, universal”. The company, currently employing 300 people, was the first Italian business specializing in the production and dying of warp knit fabrics, and is nowadays a world leader for swimwear, sportswear and underwear.
Carvico SpA stands out for its technological innovations, and for the implementation of cutting-edge solutions aimed at supplying high end, 100% Made in Italy products, and one of the most efficient customer services in the industry.
But not only. For years Carvico has been applying to all its activities its strict ethical code, Green Vision, which testifies of the company s willingness to reduce the environmental impact of their production by means of sustainable processes. Producing fabrics means, for Carvico, offering a contribution for the improvement of people’s living conditions, thanks to the quality of their production and distribution systems. This is why Carvico is willing to commit to do all of the following:
- Showing real data concerning the environmental results achieved
- Living life to sustainable products that respect our environment
- Proving to be really committed to find new, sustainable, raw materials
- Improving production processes so to monitor and cut down on wastes
- Showing to be really committed to promoting a sustainable development “The great thing in the world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving.” ** Oliver Holmes (1809-1894 _ American poet and writer)