Jersey Lomellina


Life Cycle Control

Carvico and Jersey Lomellina are deeply committed to respecting and safeguarding our environment through innovative production processes and the use of recycled raw materials. They have embraced a sustainability culture which HAS have become part of the DNA of both companies who have always been specialized in the research and development of cutting-edge technological solutions coherent with their ethical code which is oriented to increasing environmental awareness.

An infinitely ethical project


The LCC - Life Cycle Control – project was launched as a prompt reaction to the market demand for a deeper social responsibility and the use of recycled raw materials matched with a reduction of wastes.

For the production of LCC fabrics, Carvico and Jersey Lomellina have selected Econyl® the recycled polyamide hollow fiber developed by Aquafil, a market leader in the production of man made fibers. Econyl® is produced starting from post-consumer materials and discarded products, otherwise destined to the landfill, which are transformed into a new polymer first and then into a brand new yarn, ideal for the creation of high performance fabrics.

Fabrics performances


The key features of fabrics made of recycled, hollow polyamide are their lightness and their being compact and absolutely non see-through.



The hollow polyamide fiber construction makes it naturally breathable and moisture wicking, ensuring extreme comfort to the final user.



The air contained inside the hollow fibers ensures a high thermal insulation, keeping the body temperature steady; the fabric therefore optimizes the natural human thermoregulation process, and reduces energy consumption.



The hollow section of such fiber reflects part of the sunrays so that fabrics produced with it work as a filter against UVs, consequently featuring a really high protection factor.