Jersey Lomellina


A 50-year-long history of expertise and commitment perfectly blending with a pioneering spirit projecting the company into the future: this has been Carvico and Jersey Lomellina’s secret of success. Our companies’ undeniable skill in reading and interpreting present and future trends, our reliability and competence are only some of the deeply treasured values which have allowed us to become market leaders in our respective sectors in the national and international textile scenario.

12 July 1962: our history begins

12 July 1962: our history begins 12 July 1962: our history begins


1962. Italy is about to experience a financial boom and Rome is living the Dolce Vita portrayed by Fellini in his masterpiece! Further North, in the same years, Carvico, current market leader in the production of warp knitted fabrics, is established starting from the brilliant intuition of its founder, Giuseppe Colnaghi; the company takes its name after the city its headquarters is set up in. The coherent and comprehensive strategy at the basis of the company's success is a "deep pleasure taken in making things properly", which leads to the decision to focus on the production of a limited quantity of really high quality fabrics.
Shortly afterwards,
in a move which testifies of the company's foresight, Carvico starts specializing in the production of swimwear and competition swimwear warp knit, stretch fabrics, immediately turning into one of the major players in the international textile market and the sector absolute leader.


Over the following decades the company's history is marked by a continuous expansion following relevant investments into cutting-edge technologies aimed at increasing production so to enable Carvico to compete with the biggest companies in the world. We start experimenting with new fabrics and branching out overseas and, in a few years, Carvico becomes synonym with Made in Italy quality, technical know-how and aspiration to excellence, a business which is absolutely one of its kind.

The man behind the success: Giuseppe Colnaghi

His eyes always on future targets to be achieved and his foot pushing down on the accelerator, Giuseppe Colnaghi managed to make Carvico a successful business. Young but ambitious, he immediately took on the responsibility of dreaming big and turning his dream into reality. Therefore, after having worked abroad, he came back to Italy and established the Tessitura di Carvico, which will get its current name only in 1975. On the basis of his awareness of the fact that in the ‘60s the country was going through deep changes and the people’s life style was in constant evolution and of one of those intuitions he was renowned for, in an unexpected move, he decided to modify the company’s production and focus on warp knit fabrics for swimwear and competition swimwear.

L'uomo dietro il successo: Giuseppe Colnaghi

He had a strong vision which determined the profile of his creature, his business, which was soon to be solid enough to face the challenges of an increasingly global market, relying on its local origins and roots . Since the very beginning of his career, Mr Colnaghi surrounded himself with a team of skilled technicians which could exploit the existing technologies and develop some new ones to achieve the results which have turned Carvico in the amazing company it is today, a successful business which perfectly mirrors its founder’s essential features: intuition, competence, commitment.

L'uomo dietro il successo: Giuseppe Colnaghi

11 November 1977: Jersey Lomellina is established


A passion for challenges, both in sport and in his professional life, is the drive behind Mr Colnaghi’s decision to create Jersey Lomellina, a company specializing in the production of stretch, jersey fabrics, born from another winning intuition of its founder which soon became a leader in the creation of fabrics for underwear, swimwear and outerwear.


Moving from jersey to the use of microfiber, a much more adaptable raw material, which could meet very different needs and requirements and might be used both for performance sportswear and more trendy garments, was a key choice for the company which in 1988 finally finds a clear identity, creatively speaking, and starts identifying with a contemporary and fashion-oriented style, without compromising on quality and reliability, the essential characteristics of all those Made in Italy products we are so proud of.

11 novembre 1977: nasce Jersey Lomellina