Jersey Lomellina


“Our sustainability philosophy has been developed over time and finally, today, we can say that we can effectively protect the planet that our children will inhabit in the future”.
Laura Colnaghi Calissoni (President and C.E.O. of Carvico Group)


A choice we really believe in

Nowadays “Made in Italy” rhymes with “made with integrity by Carvico & JL”, two companies which had started promoting sustainability and environmental awareness long before they became fashionable. Among the first pioneering companies to comply with the Kyoto protocol (which came into validity in 2005), Carvico & JL, have set off on a long journey, shared by their staff, towards the maximum sustainability which, in 2013 culminated in the creation of a cogeneration plant leading to a relevant reduction in power consumption and thus in the companies environmental impact. What we are talking about is a brave choice, a structured “Green Vision”, coherently developed to match the companies’ belief that things have to be done properly, a philosophy which, born in the headquarters, is being spread among all subsidiaries and affiliates all over the world.

Our green vision



Our companies, in compliance with the current European regulations and national and international laws, have installed an innovative, chemical-physical waste water treatment plant, aimed at removing most pollutants contained into industrial waste waters before they are sent to the municipal purification system.


Carvico and Jersey Lomellina have been enforcing a programme of measures aimed at reducing the environmental impact of their emissions. They have optimized their fumes treatment plant by adding a system that, recovering the heat generated by production machineries, ensures that values concerning both the temperature and the pollution agents contained in the fumes released in the atmosphere, are much lower than those foreseen by the law.


The latest challenge taken up by Carvico and JL is the independent production of power, a target achieved by means of a cutting-edge cogeneration plant which, by using methane gas, the cleanest fossil fuel currently available, manages to drastically reduce the consumption of traditional energy sources.