Jersey Lomellina


Made in Italy Quality.

An efficient foresight, a detailed vision concerning current and future trends together with an absolute devotion to quality. These are the characteristics which have allowed Carvico and Jersey Lomellina to become the companies they are today, i.e. two of the leaders in the national and international textile market, whose cutting-edge equipment and plants are considered as a precious added value to be employed in the search for perfection.

Carvico: the power of ideas

Competence and expertise coming from its glorious past and eyes set onto the future are the key elements of Carvico’s philosophy and approach to business. Carvico operates on a global scale offering its customers the same level of efficiency all over the world and a range of warp knit, innovative fabrics of undisputed and unparalleled quality, matching the strictest international standards. These are the main factors which have turned our amazing journey into a 50-year-long success story.

Jersey Lomellina: passionate and classy

With its fabrics designed for the creation of original and eclectic swimwear, refined outerwear and dynamic, high performance sportswear, Jersey Lomellina has always been keen on identifying the latest market trends. JL has chosen to take up the challenge to put together style, glamour and performance: a safe bet thanks to its thorough attention to the research and selection of the perfect materials for the production of the best products in its market.

A global project

Two branch offices were opened in New York and Los Angeles in 2011 with the aim of exporting globally the taste and the attention to quality that have made Carvico and JL two of the major representatives of the Italian style. The Eastern markets were conquered long before being considered the new interlocutors for the textile world, through the establishment of Carvico Hong Kong in 2001 and Carvico (Shanghai) Trading in 2002, and the setting up of dedicated logistic facilities in Hong Kong, Brisbane and Mumbai  which can satisfy the requests of local customers within 5 days from the order confirmation.

XLAnce Fibre Italia Srl: the future is now

Totally chlorine-proof and surprisingly soft and silky, XLA can be thermo-fixed at very low temperatures and can therefore be mixed with other cutting-edge fibers – such as polypropylene  - to provide designers and garment makers with new opportunities for the development of sportswear items and no-iron garments.


A close synergy of  multiple competencies oriented towards a common target has led to the creation of high quality, innovative products, which are bound to set the standards for the more and more competitive global market. Bearing such objective in mind Carvico e JL, both characterized by a passion for challenges, have joined forces with Aquafil, a market leader in the chemical field, to develop the XLA project taken over from the American Dow Chemical Company in 2011, and establish the brand new XLAnce Fibre Italia Srl. XLA is an excellent elastomeric fiber which can offer outstanding technical performance and features.